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Granulated sulfur fertilizer with long-term effect

Low-priced sulphur fertiliser for grassland and arable land
  • Long lasting effect

    up to 4x better than conventional sulphate fertilisers

  • Forms protein, gluten and oil

    and brings flavour to the vegetables

  • Increases the feed value in the basic forage

    for more milk from grass and clover

That is why sulphur fertilisation is necessary

As a result of air pollution control, sulphur deficiency has become one of the most common deficiency symptoms of Central European soils. Sulphur fertilisation is therefore urgently needed. Otherwise, the feed value and quality of the harvest will suffer. In addition, nitrogen cannot be optimally utilised in the case of a sulphur deficiency. In combination with nitrogen applications, this can lead to an undesirable accumulation of nitrate in the plant. As a rule of thumb, the ratio of nitrogen to sulphur should be about 10:1.

Inexpensive basic fertilisation with elemental sulphur


    Elemental sulphur becomes available to the plants through bacterial activity in the soil. The effect of SULFOGRANULAT is long-lasting and there are no losses due to leaching. Compared to conventional sulphate fertilisers, elemental sulphur is up to four times more effective!


    Sulphur forms protein and gluten, increases the oil content and adds flavour to vegetables. In addition, sulphur increases the feed value in the basic fodder. The result: more milk from grass and clover. In a nutshell: Sulphur fertiliser ensures healthy plants and high harvests.


    • Sulphur fertiliser for grassland, arable and special crops

    • Long-lasting sulphur fertilisation

    • Lowers the pH value of the soil

    • Protects against soil-borne fungal diseases

    • Can keep wild boar and mice away if soil moisture is sufficient

How to apply SULFOGRANULAT correctly:


With a fertilizer spreader.
Spread evenly. Work in gently if possible.


Before sowing or at the beginning of the vegetation period.

Find your application areas

Oilseed rape and other oil crops

30 – 40 kg/ha

Cereals, maize, sunflowers, sugar beet

25 kg/ha


30 - 50 kg/ha

Fruit, wine, vegetables

50 kg/ha

Special crops (e.g. blueberries, raspberries)

for pH value reduction: approx. 500 - 2000 kg/ha


25 - 50 kg/ha

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90 % sulphur (S), elemental
Adjuvant: bentonite


Granulate size:
2 - 4 mm

Bulk weight:
1,22 kg/l

Organic suitability

SULFOGRANULAT meets the requirements of regulation (EU) 2018/848 in the current version and is allowed for organic farming.

Pack sizes

Sack 25 kg; 40 x 25 kg / pallet
Big Bag 1.000 kg


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