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For dry lying surfaces & hygienic cleanliness

FEINSTREU: Moisture & pollutant binder with enormous effect
  • Pollutant binder & essential oils

    for optimal hoof and udder hygiene

  • Keeps the lying surfaces dry

    and creates a hygienic base

  • Promotes animal welfare

    and prevents Mortellaro

Pollutant binding with gentle claw and udder hygiene


    The FEINSTREU added pollutant binder has a scaffold-like structure, with cavities and channels. Hazardous pollutants are permanently bound in this structure. And this is enormously effective.

    The pollutant binder content in just 2 kg of FEINSTREU provides an internal surface area of more than 100,000 m².


    FEINSTREU binds moisture and keeps the lying surfaces dry. Thanks to the powder-like consistency of the special pollutant binder and selected essential oils, the bedding provides effective and gentle claw and udder hygiene.

    It also cares for skin areas that would otherwise come into direct contact with feces. The best way to prevent Mortellaro.


    • Binds pollutants effectively and permanently

    • Keeps lying surfaces dry

    • Gentle claw and udder hygiene

    • Soothes and cares for hooves, udder and skin

    • Effectively prevents Mortellaro

How to use FEINSTREU correctly:

Find your application areas

Dry powder for sprinkling

Dry powder for the lying and walking area of farm animals, also suitable for preparing a lime-straw mattress.

Requirement 1 - 2 kg per LU and week

Very good drying effect thanks to extremely finely ground lime and special binding agent.

Select your animals and learn exactly how to apply FEINSTREU ...


approx. 1 kg per lying surface and week, divided into 2-3 doses per week. In the walking area, FEINSTREU, applied thinly, reduces the risk of slipping.

Sheep, goats and horses

approx. 100 - 200 g/m² per week, especially sprinkle on damp areas.


100 - 200 g/m² on the floor as required, also suitable for the piglet bath.


200 - 300 g/m² after clearing.

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Finely ground limestone from natural deposits in Austria with essential oils and special binding agent for harmful substances.


ph value:
> 9

91 % below 45 µm, 50 % below 12 µm

Organic suitability

FEINSTREU meets the requirements of regulation (EU) 2018/848 in the current version and is allowed for organic farming

Pack sizes

Sack 25 kg; 42 x 25 kg / pallet
Big Bag 1.000 kg


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