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EU project: CEDRIC

Interreg Italia-Austria, Co-funded by the European Union

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CEDRIC: Creating a sustainable transboundary agroecosystem through the biodiversity of the root microbiome
  • Supported EU project

    Project duration from 2024-2026 with a budget of over 1.1 million euros

  • Sustainable project goal

    To strengthen microbial biodiversity and thus the fertility of low yielding soils

  • Committed project partners

    Establishment of a cross-border alliance for scientific cooperation

CEDRIC aims to strengthen microbial biodiversity and thus the fertility of low yielding soils.

Inspired by the success of human microbiome transplantation, CEDRIC aims to transplant healthy plant root microbiomes into poor and depleted soils to improve soil structure, microbial diversity, nutrient density and total carbon content.

CEDRIC is based on three pillars:

  • collaboration

    The establishment of a cross-border alliance for scientific cooperation for the development and validation of root microbiome transplantation methods.

  • Platform

    The creation of a cross-border platform for stakeholders in the agricultural sector that promotes the exchange of scientific results and the use of sustainable methods in agricultural production.

  • Trainings

    The development of a training program that enables agricultural professionals to understand the role of a healthy microbiome in soil ecosystems in order to reap the associated benefits for the agricultural economy.

Project start 2024 in Trieste

at the International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology

ICGEB Trieste

Representatives of all partners involved were present at the launch event at the ICGEB in Trieste.

3 universities

Università di Udine, Free University of Bolzano, University of Innsbruck

3 companies + 1 partner

SICIT Group, BioTreat GmbH and Hechenbichler GmbH, as well as the associated partner Ersa

Project Partner

Università di Udine

Free University of Bolzano

Innsbruck University


BioTreat GmbH

Hechenbichler GmbH


Project manager

We are project partners for the

Successful transplantation of microbiomes

Our company is characterized by many years of product research and continuous innovation.

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