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For a homogeneous, nutrient-rich slurry and a hygienically clean stable - absolutely bio-compatible

Improve the stable air with STALLMAX and accelerate the rotting of slurry.

STALLMAX for organic farming

STALLMAX is the organic version of our GÜLLEMAX. STALLMAX meets the requirements of regulation (EC) No. 834/2007 in the current version and is allowed for organic farming.

Promotes rotting - Highly efficient manure treatment with STALLMAX


    The herbal essences contained in STALLMAX displace the putrefactive bacteria. Highly digestible carbon leads to a proliferation of beneficial aerobic bacteria, which accelerate the rotting of manure.


    The manure converted with STALLMAX does not stink, does not stick, slimes less and flows better. This also makes mucking out the barn much easier. In addition, the effort for channel flushing and slat mixing is minimized.


    • Dissolves channel blockages and surface crusts

    • Reduced odor and nutrient outgassing

    • Homogeneous and more flowable slurry

    • Muck out stable faster

    • Perfect for stall and milking parlor washing

Increases basic forage quality - and enhances milk production


    STALLMAX binds valuable nutrients such as ammonia, methane and hydrogen sulfide, which quickly volatilize in untreated slurry. In this way, the nitrogen and sulfur fertilizing effect of the slurry is maximized.


    The use of STALLMAX improves plant compatibility and prevents burning or cauterization of the turf. In addition, application displaces weeds and promotes the formation of clover and tasty undergrass. The result: healthy, nutrient-rich basic forage and increased milk production.


    • Nutrient rich basic forage

    • Less weeds

    • Increased milk production

Improves the stable air - for optimal stable hygiene


    STALLMAX binds toxic, foul-smelling gases such as ammonia and hydrogen sulfide and creates a healthy environment for animals and humans. Useful rotting bacteria decompose the slurry and dissolve surface crusts - the best prerequisite for controlling stable flies.


    STALLMAX stops rotting and stimulates the natural conversion of the manure. The improvement of air quality in the stable increases feed conversion by up to 8%! In addition, STALLMAX deprives stable flies of the food basis and reduces deposition areas for fly eggs. The best way to minimize stable flies sustainably.


    • Dissolves persistent feces crusts

    • Works naturally, without chemistry

    • Improves stable hygiene

    • Reduces stable flies

    • Improves the quality of life of the animals

STALLMAX acts with 100% natural ingredients

  • Plant oils

    bind toxins, have an anti-inflammatory effect and develop a soapy cleansing effect with water.

  • Essential oils & herbal extracts

    have a mucolytic, disinfectant, soothing and healing effect on the skin and respiratory tract and eliminate putrefaction bacteria.

  • Shale oil

    as a highly digestible bacterial food.

How to apply STALLMAX correctly:


0.1 l GÜLLEMAX or STALLMAX per LSU/week is the recommended and maximum required amount for regular prolonged application. In this way you profit from all the beneficial and substantial effects.


STALLMAX is applied identically to our GÜLLEMAX. The detailed application possibilities can be found for both products under GÜLLEMAX. Shake/stir product well before use.

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Essential oils, plant oils and extracts, shale oil


8 - 9

Organic suitability

STALLMAX meets the requirements of regulation (EU) 2018/848 in the current version and is allowed for organic farming.

Pack sizes

Canister 10 l; 84 x 10 l / pallet
Canister 25 l; 36 x 25 l / pallet
Drum 200 l; 2 x 200 / pallet


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