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Calcium-sulfur fertilizer - double effect in one operation

MEERKALK S+: Calcium-sulfur fertilizer for quick availability & long-lasting effect.

This is why a lime and sulphur fertiliser is needed in grassland

Calcium removal by the crop, leaching of cations, fertilisation with manure and mineral fertilisers: In intensively used grassland, increasing acidification of the soil is unavoidable. A high-quality calcium fertiliser counteracts the progressive deterioration of the soil structure.

In addition, many soils in Central Europe suffer from a lack of sulphur as a result of air pollution control. Sulphur, however, is essential for the nitrogen utilisation of plants. The ratio between nitrogen and sulphur should be approx. 10:1. With MEERKALK S+, you can apply lime and sulphur fertiliser in a single operation - and thus ensure a long-term supply of high-quality forage grasses.

Calcium fertilisation with over 90% reactivity


    Thanks to its high degree of compaction, MEERKALK S+ is much more porous than rock lime. Together with a very fine degree of grinding, this ensures a very high reactivity - over 90% reactivity according to LUFA.


    MEERKALK S+ raises the pH value of the soil thanks to effective calcium fertilisation, which significantly increases soil fertility. As a result of the high reactivity, the calcium is also very easily absorbed by the plants.


    • Quickly supplies plants with calcium

    • Raises the pH value in the germination horizon

    • Binds moisture in the root zone

    • Improves milk yield and health of cows

Fertilisation with two forms of sulphur for optimum nitrogen utilisation


    MEERKALK S+ contains two different forms of sulphur. Sulphate sulphur optimally supplies plants at the beginning of vegetation. Elemental sulphur, on the other hand, only becomes available to the plant through bacterial activity in the soil.


    While sulphate sulphur is available very quickly, elemental sulphur is characterised by its long-lasting effect. There are no losses due to leaching and nitrogen can be optimally utilised by the plants.


    • Meets the sulphur requirements of plants

    • Fast-acting sulphate sulphur

    • Long-lasting effect due to elemental sulphur

    • Optimal nitrogen utilisation by the plants

How to apply MEERKALK S+ correctly:

Find your application areas


300 kg per hectare


200 kg per hectare in dry locations, 300 kg per hectare in high-precipitation locations

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42.6 % CaO Calcium oxide, total (corresponds to 76.1 % CaCO3 Calcium carbonate, total)
37.5 % basic active components (evaluated as CaO Calcium oxide)
10 % Sulphur (S), total

  • 7 % Sulphur, elemental

  • 3 % Sulphur, sulphate


Granulate size:
2 - 4 mm

Bulk weight:
1,27 kg/l

Organic suitability

MEERKALK S+ meets the requirements of regulation (EU) 2018/848 in the current version and is allowed for organic farming.

Pack sizes

Big Bag 600 kg (Ganzzug 24 to)


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