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Cool swellings, regenerate joints

AMACOOL: Rapid, effective cooling for mastitis
  • Effective help for udder inflammation

    without affecting the taste of milk

  • Fast, effective cooling

    and reduction of swelling

  • Supports the regeneration

    of stressed joints

Acetic clay: Proven home remedy against mastitis

Acetic clay is a time-tested home remedy that has been an integral part of every stable pharmacy for centuries. By evaporating moisture, heat is conducted away from the body, allowing injuries to be cooled quickly. Acetic clay has also proven its worth as a supplement to veterinary mastitis treatment.

AMACOOL: Cooling and regeneration


    AMACOOL combats swelling and cools stressed joints, tendons and muscles. At the same time, regeneration is supported in the case of joint, tendon and muscle complaints. For this purpose, AMACOOL combines acetic clay with herbal extracts produced according to an old Swiss recipe.


    Thanks to its cooling and regenerating effect, AMACOOL is ideal for supportive mastitis treatment. AMACOOL helps dry off your dairy cows and reduces the risk of udder swelling during the dry-off period. After calving, regeneration is supported for reddish udders.


    • Rapid, effective cooling

    • Regeneration of stressed joints

    • Effectively helps with inflammation of the udder (mastitis)

    • Ensures rapid well-being

    • No influence on the milk taste, no waiting time

AMACOOL acts with 100% natural ingredients

  • Apple vinegar

    has a cooling effect on injuries

  • Plant oils & herbal extracts

    promote regeneration in case of inflammation

  • Clay

    The evaporation of moisture dissipates heat from the body.

How to use AMACOOL correctly:

Find your application areas

Healing of udder infections

Apply AMACOOL thickly 2 – 3 times daily over a period of one week. Cools pleasantly and quickly. AMACOOL has no effect on milk taste. No waiting period!

Dry out of dairy cows

Coat the udder thickly with AMACOOL after the final milking.

Cooling swelling and leg regeneration

Apply thickly 2 x daily.
Do not apply to open wounds or mucous membranes.

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Animal care product for external use. Contains herbal extracts and acetic clay.

Organic suitability

AMACOOL meets the requirements of regulation (EU) 2018/848 in the current version and is allowed for organic farming.

Pack sizes

Tin 2,5 kg
6 x 2,5 kg / box
Bucket 12,5 kg


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