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Potassium fertilizer with thio-sulfur

Efficient potassium & sulfur fertilizer - immediately available for the plant
  • Regulates water balance & strengthens tissue

    also for chlorine-sensitive crops

  • Improves nutrient availability

    of potassium, sulphur, iron & manganese

  • Suitable for fertigation & foliar fertilisation

    and 100% water soluble

Why plants need potassium and sulphur

Plants need potassium for their metabolism. Especially in carbohydrate metabolism, in protein formation and in regulating the water balance. The problem: Especially in the growth stage with high potassium requirements, the supply via the soil is usually not sufficient. The same applies to sulphur, an equally vital element for protein formation. Only a potassium and sulphur fertiliser can remedy the situation.

KALIMAX: the potash fertiliser from Hechenbichler


    KALIMAX is an efficient potassium and sulphur fertiliser. As a foliar spray or via irrigation, it supplies plants with the necessary potassium - especially in growth stages with high potassium requirements. In addition, KALIMAX contains a high proportion of sulphur. An important nutrient that increases nitrogen efficiency.


    The potassium contained in KALIMAX strengthens the leaf tissue, increases the stability of cereals, improves the storage capacity and makes the plant more resistant to stress. The special feature: Sulphur is present as thiosulphate. A form that is quickly available to the plant and whose duration of action also extends over several weeks.


    • High sulphur & potassium content

    • 100% water soluble and immediately available to the plant

    • Cloride-free: ideal for chlorine-sensitive crops

    • Increases availability of iron & manganese

    • Suitable for fertigation and foliar fertilisation

How to use KALIMAX correctly:


in general 5 l KALIMAX per hectare


at least 250 l/ha water

Find your application areas


at tillering (BBCH 20 - 30), at flag leaf (BBCH 37)

Oilseed rape

in autumn at the 7-8 leaf stage (BBCH 17 - 18); in spring for elongation (BBCH 30); for budding (BBCH 50)


at 4-8 leaf stage (BBCH 14 - 18)

Sugar beet

3 applications between row end (BBCH 30) and end of beet growth (BBCH 49)

Bean, pea, soybean

at the beginning of flowering (BBCH 61)

Oil pumpkin

at row end (as late as possible)


3 applications between row end (BBCH 30) and 50 % tuber size (BBCH 70)

Field vegetables

14 days after emergence / planting, then 2 - 4 repetitions, each 10 - 14 days interval

Vine, fruit

2 applications between budbreak and pre-bloom, if necessary repeat 2 to 4 times between flowering and grape/fruit colouring. If necessary, increase water quantity to 500 - 1000 l/ha.


EC value 0.1% solution: 0.7 mS/cm. Rinse with clear water.

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25 % Potassium (K2O) 365 g/l, water-soluble
17 % Sulphur (S) 248 g/l 

Depending on national registration requirements, the exact composition may differ.


7,5 - 8,5

Pack sizes

Canister 10 l; 75 x 10 l / pallet
Pallet tank 1.000 l


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