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AMALGEROL reduces drought stress of plants

Long drought = stress for the plant!

The European-wide study Br√°s et al. said:

  • Droughts and heatwaves cause significant crop loss

  • The magnitude of crop loss has been rising since 1961

  • The frequency and severity of droughts and heatwaves is rising too

The common aim will be to mitigate the consequences of these more frequent and severe droughts as much as possible by increasing the drought resilience of our crops, searching for alternative crops, or also by supporting the standing crop as best as possible within the range of its specific potential.

What can AMALGEROL ESSENCE do against drought stress?


  • increase root system (length and density), plant has more access to water

  • improves soil structure, water can infiltrate better into the soil (no crust)

  • water is stored in the soil (alginate) and due to higher humus content (soil health, soil life)

Cure after drought:

  • osmotic adjustment: cells accumulate ‚Äěosmolytes‚Äú: amino acids, amins, sugars, etc.

  • antioxidants help to scavenge ROS (free radicals that damage plant cells)

Is it worth using it?
The average crop loss due to droughts and heatwaves between 1964 and 2018 was 9 % in Europe (Br√°s et al 2021).
9 % less yield - depending on productivity/price - roughly corresponds to a deficit of 120 ‚ā¨/ha in corn.

With only two applications of 3 l/ha AMALGEROL ESSENCE significantly strengthen plants against drought and heat stress.

Which crops can benefit from an application?

Grapevine, Pome fruits, Stone fruits & Citrus fruits: 2 to 4 applications between end of flowering and beginning of ripening (colouring of berries/fruits)
Potato: 3 applications between beginning of crop cover and 50 % tuber size 
Sugar beet, other root and tuber crops: 3 applications between crop cover and end of beet root growth
Vegetables, melons: during the entire vegetation period


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